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This page is written out-of-character, as it makes it a little easier to discuss
the game as a, well, game. Please excuse the intrustion of reality and sloppy   
writing. On this page you will find links to alpha builds of Captain Jameson.   
These are in-progress versions of the game which you can play now. If you would 
like to give me feedback on these, report bugs, or swap stories and navigation  
tips with other players please check out the forums linked from the site's      
community page. Otherwise, have fun!                                            
<3 Farbs                                                                      

                             ~~~ RELEASE BUILDS ~~~                             

<CAPTAIN JAMESON ALPHA BUILD 0.5.1>                                            
<BONUS SECTOR! 0.5.1.spelunk>                                                  
What's mined is mine! I realized that build 0.6 would require asteroid mining,  
so I built that up front, and here it is! As always I've added a swag of tweaks 
and changes, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. I've also added a      
special "Spelunk" bonus sector, where the only way to progress is through mining
and buying modules. It's a little tricky at the start, so be careful out there, 
* Asteroid mining! Asteroids can be destroyed, added minerals and refineries   
* Added level generation option for all-mining sector                          
* One guardian ship per settlement                                             
* Guardian ships automatically spawned - no need to summon them                
* Semi-fixed enemy spawns, so you know what to find where                      
* Bumped chance-to-fire in higher level ai ships                               
* AI behaviour range, different ship types have a bit more personality         
* Added fleeing for some ships                                                 
* Added bezerk AI for some ships                                               
* Added follow AI for some ships                                               
* Removed oxy stations, but kept atmospheres and other mechanics               
* Re-instated EMG system, applied to stations, uses an on-screen marker now    
* Removed random freebie station unlocks                                       
* Fixed static effect not resizing                                             
* Minor menu and text fiddling                                                 
* Trying another new mouse cursor                                              
* Removed chrono gear from factory product list                                
* Added hidden derelicts                                                       

<CAPTAIN JAMESON ALPHA BUILD 0.5>                                              
<BONUS SECTOR! 0.5.major>                                                      
<BONUS SECTOR! 0.5.minor>                                                      
Here we go! Build 0.5 smoothes out a hundred rough edges, as evidenced by its   
record-breaking changelist. Many of the changes and fixes are a direct result of
forumite feedback, so once again thanks for all the bug reports and awesome     
suggestions! Along with the fixes and tweaks I've added some simple but         
surprisingly useful modules, created some interesting size variant maps, and    
finally rid us all of the blurst shield's ridiculous "wobbly sausage". I hope   
you enjoy what you find here, and that you keep on feedbackin' while I work on  
Here's the probably-incomplete change list:                                     
* Added sector scale variation                                                 
* Added Ship Deck modules                                                      
* Added Truss modules                                                          
* Added a new page of gameplay options                                         
* Added ship stats to options page                                             
* Added targetting beam to snipe lasers                                        
* Added collision sounds                                                       
* Added guardian phrases                                                       
* Added welcome / welcome back / Dear Pilot notes                              
* Added starting area info drone                                               
* Stocked the initial warehouse with alpha modules                             
* Added repair-all to repair station UI                                        
* Made options persist between sessions                                        
* Increased enemy density near starting area                                   
* Reduced sprinkler arc                                                        
* Thinned the spawn area asteroid belt                                         
* Shrank no-fire radius to reduce attacks from offscreen                       
* Revised blurst shield graphics                                               
* Made blurst shields slightly longer                                          
* Revised Chrono Gear graphics                                                 
* Made Chrono Gear smaller, reduced time compression                           
* Renamed station girder modules "Truss"                                       
* Made all warehouses hold 15 modules instead of 3-5                           
* Reduced girder value                                                         
* Increased scrap and nav station density                                      
* Reduced TELNET connect times                                                 
* Revised typing sound to be less piercing                                     
* Replaced guardian interference effects                                       
* Darkened bloom effect while VMEDS is active                                  
* Made atomsphere entrance/exit effect blobbier                                
* Made mouse visible during cruise control                                     
* Made module detail stalk cooler                                              
* New mouse cursor, aligns to player ship                                      
* Fixed station shield modules taking damage                                   
* Fixed "withdrawal" spelling mistake                                          
* Fixed atmosphere popping on oxy station rescue                               
* Fixed an enemy spawn pop bug                                                 
* Fixed banks not raising shields on rescue                                    
* Fixed guardian pilot name bug                                                
* Fixed asphyxiation fadeout                                                   
* Added a hidden note explaining my plans for 0.6.                             
* Probably more that I forgot to document                                      

<CAPTAIN JAMESON ALPHA BUILD 0.4>                                              
<BONUS SECTOR! 0.4.cumulus>                                                    
I love the oxygen system, but it's annoying having to fly right up to an oxy    
station and futz around with VMEDS. If I can get to the station in time then    
I've done the interesting part, and the rest is busywork. Alpha build 0.4 solves
this with atmosphere. Now you can fly near to an active oxy station - or any    
station connected to one - and your tanks refill automatically. You can cruise  
in, offload some scrap, and be on your way! 0.4 also introduces cumulus sectors,
with massive asteroid fields, massive outposts, and massive spaces in between.  
Don't get lost out there!                                                       
UPDATE: I fixed the freeze bug which affected a small number of stations. Thanks
to everyone who reported it. You rock!                                          
Here's the full list of changes:                                                
* Oxy stations generate atmosphere instead of refilling tanks                  
* Planck Shields (side beam type shield shape)                                 
* Added cumulus style level generation                                         
* All shields on a ship or station now pool shield health                      
* Garage density +60%                                                          
* Made bubble shields octagonal                                                
* Banks now keep their shields raised                                          
* Fixed shoot-through-shield-module bug                                        
* Fixed bubble shield multi hit damage bug                                     
* Fixed girder-to-solar-array bug                                              
* Station running light frequency increase                                     
* Reduced incidence of hyphenation                                             
* Stopped game from generating triple-barrelled names                          
* Fixed exception on rescue-from-a-distance                                    
* Not all stations start offline                                               

<CAPTAIN JAMESON ALPHA BUILD 0.3>                                              
<BONUS SECTOR! 0.3.inferno>                                                    
Ever wish you could set a module aside for later? Maybe that shiny prismatic    
laser doesn't quite fit your build, or maybe you'd like to keep it as insurance 
against catastrophe. Either way, the new warehouse stations should make life a  
little easier. You'll even find one in the starting zone, which should make the 
early game less brutal.                                                         
It's not all puppysnaps and rosepickles however - 0.3 also brings in hot rocks  
which cause massive damage on impact, and for extra fun I've created a bonus map
which is absolutely brimming with them. Stay sharp out there!                   
0.3 also contains a swag of minor tweaks and bugfixes. Here's the full list:    
* New gameworlds! One original recipe and one hardcore jalapeno                
* Warehouse stations, which hold 3-5 modules                                   
* Hot rocks. DO NOT TOUCH!                                                     
* Pilot and station admin names                                                
* Made settlement names more relevant and diverse                              
* All nav layers on by default                                                 
* Slower death fadeout                                                         
* Directional explosions                                                       
* Fixed bubbleshield upgrade bug                                               
* Fixed station group level bleeding bug                                       
* Fixed pilot reset on reload bug                                              
* Made guardian spawning less crashy                                           
* A SECRET THING                                                               

<CAPTAIN JAMESON ALPHA BUILD 0.2>                                              
Oxygen oxygen oxygen! Build 0.2 raises the default oxygen limit and adds oxygen 
storage modules. This should loosen up the first play experience but still      
create those occasional moments of panic from 0.1. Here's a full list of        
* New gameworld! Explore Tereshkova's Colony and beyond.                       
* Raised default oxygen limit from 3min to 5min                                
* Added oxygen tank module, spawns on ~2% of enemies                           
* Raised initial oxygen to full tank                                           
* Made oxygen displays linear, showing absolute oxygen on HUD                  
* Missiles no longer track dead enemies                                        
* Fixed flight keys being stuck post death/focus/VMEDS                         
* Toned down guardian interference effects                                     
* Cruise control is now disabled on collision or damage                        
* Reduced keyboard zoom step size                                              
* Attempted to fix HUD width issues for Safari-based browsers                  
* Fixed guardian-heart-select-after-kill bug                                   
* Moved random enemy spawn positions back to their zones                       
* Reduced volume for modem data squeals                                        
* Stopped playing detach sounds for children of detached module                
* Started on new telnet visual themes. There is currently one per TLD.         

<CAPTAIN JAMESON ALPHA BUILD 0.1>                                              
This is it! The first alpha build of Captain Jameson! Normally I'll list changes
here, but for now I offer this advice: The game is hard. It's also a little     
complex. Approach it with patience, read through the in-game FAQ, and once you  
get it down you'll find yourself lost in it for hours.                          
Good luck Captain - I'll see you on the forums.                                 
<3 Farbs                                                                     

                           ~~~ PRERELEASE BUILDS ~~~                            

If you're feeling adventurous you can also check out these pre-release builds.  
Whereas the release builds are intended to be self contained, self explanatory  
experiences, these are a bit... wonky. Features may be incomplete, instructions 
may be incorrect, and bugs may be infesting. However, if you want to see where  
the game is at between major updates, this is where you want to play. Here be   
dragons, and your first peek at all the cool new stuff.                         

<CAPTAIN JAMESON ALPHA BUILD 0.6.prerelease.1>                                 
Whoa. 0.6 has been in development for nearly a year, and it still isn't         
finished! I'm well overdue to release a new build though, so I figured I'd start
sharing pre-release versions like this one. I lost track of a lot of the changes
in this build, but I'll list the major points below.                            
* Wormholes - Travel between sectors. This creates a HUGE explorable space.    
* Fullscreen - Woo! Hit ENTER multiple times to change resolution.             
* Autosave system - No more garaging! Just shut your browser whenever you like!
* Manual docking - No more telnet, just fly up to a station's docking port     
* Permadeath - If you die the whole game resets. No banking, no warehousing.   
* Mouse input on VMEDS - Click! CLIIICK!                                       
* Onboard map system - Functional, needs work. Exports entire sector!          
* New voice synth - Will even use recorded phrases in future.                  

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